About Us

Over the past 19 years, Mail Works has become well known regionally for providing direct mail services to local as well as national clients. Many of the area’s colleges, medical facilities, retail businesses, non-profit organizations, and advertising agencies have partnered with Mail Works relying upon their expertise in the ever changing world of United States Postal Service’s policies and procedures.

At Mail Works, Inc., we have a passion for our business! Experience shows us that long-term client relationships are a mutual benefit. As can be seen by our references, our clients value our services; regarding us not merely as a vendor but rather as a partner in their direct mail campaigns. We believe that attention to associated issues, i.e. database management, address quality, mail piece design, USPS regulations and paper/printing concerns are all inherent to a successful direct mail message. To minimize any of these components is to jeopardize the cost effectiveness and timely delivery of the client’s message.

Whatever your need may be – mail piece design, printing, list acquisition, data processing and more – we have the resources and expertise to help.

  • NCOA – National Change of Address, gives information on addresses that have had a forwarding address form submitted to the USPS. Considering the large number of individuals & companies that submit this change of address form each year, it is recommended that ALL list be NCOA processed every 6 months. This service will increase the success of your campaign.
  • CASS/PAVE Certification
  • Address standardization
  • Zip+4 Add-on
  • First Class bar-coding and Sorting
  • Standard Mail bar-coding and Sorting
  • Carrier Route Sorting
  • Duplication Elimination – You can avoid added mailing cost by eliminating duplicate addresses. This prevents mailing several pieces of the same mailing to one person.
  • Palletization
  • Merge/Purge
  • Manual Data Input
  • International Mail
  • List Maintenance
  • File Conversion
  • Custom Reports (by email, disk, or paper)
  • Receive files electronically